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Briefing on the IRR of RA 9858 for NCR City Civil Registrars and Staff

Children born out of wedlock to parents who were not allowed by law to marry for being minors are now qualified for legitimation. This has been made possible by Republic Act No. 9858, also known as the “Act Providing for Legitimation of Children Born to Parents who are Below Marrying Age” which amended Article 177 of the Family Code of the Philippines.

To equip the NCR City Civil Registrars and their staff  with knowledge about the new law and its IRR, NCR-Regional Office conducted a briefing-seminar on R.A. 9858 last February 24, 2011 at PBS Building Social Hall, Manila. Director Lourdes V. Homecillo welcomed all the participants. Ms. Dorotea Lilia R. Nuesca, PSO of NCR-V (Makati) was the key lecturer.   

  Ms. Carmelita N. Ericta, NSO Administrator and Civil Registrar General, and Ms. Lourdes J. Hufana, Director III of Civil Registry Department, served as resource persons during the Open Forum.



Population as of
August 1, 2015
  Philippines    100,981,437
  NCR              12,877,253

Population as of
May 1, 2010
  Philippines    92,337,852
  NCR              11,855,975

Total Household Population (2010)

Philippines      46,458,988
NCR                  5,781,807

Philippines      45,638,990
NCR                  6,015,066

Average Annual Growth Rate (2000-2010)
  Philippines    1.90%
  NCR              1.78%

Employment Rate
  April 2017
    Philippines     94.3%
    NCR               92.8%
Inflation Rate
  August 2017
    Philippines     3.1%
    NCR               4.0%
Average Family Income
    Philippines      ₱235,000   
    NCR                ₱379,000   
    Philippines      ₱206,000
    NCR                ₱356,000
Value of Building Construction
  Q2 2017(Prelim)
     Philippines     ₱75.9 billion
     NCR               ₱22.0 billion  

GDP Annual Growth Rate
  Philippines (2000 based)
Q2 2017   6.5%
Q1 2017
Q4 2016
Q3 2016   7.1%
Q2 2016   7.0%
Q1 2016   6.9%
Q4 2015   6.3%
Q3 2015



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